Remote RV monitoring & camera system

We built a DIY monitoring system using Wyze cameras, cellular modem, Raspberry Pi and Home Assistant to keep an eye on our RV this winter.

Migrating email from Proton Mail to MXRoute

With an estimated 320 billion emails sent and received in 2021, using the right email provider is critical. Which is why I recently made a big change.

Storing 100TB in an RV

Storing 100TB in an RV

1 year agoBehind the Scenes

This week we picked up another 14TB Easystore drive in the sales, bringing our total to over 100TB of data storage in the RV - here's how we do it!

Smart RV Tutorial - Part 2: Installing Home Assistant on a Raspberry Pi

Home Assistant will be the brains of our entire Smart RV, so in this blog post we'll be installing it on a Raspberry Pi connected to WiFi, ready to start adding devices.

Smart RV Tutorial - Part 1: Getting Started

Follow along in this tutorial series as I walk you through the steps to build out a home automation system based around Home Assistant and create your very own DIY Smart RV.

What next for our Smart RV?

What next for our Smart RV?

2 years agoSmart RV

After sharing our Smart RV tour, we've been inspired to take things further with lots of new ideas for creating the ultimate home automation system in our RV.

Smart RV Tour

Smart RV Tour

2 years agoHome Automation

A tour of our DIY smart RV, packed full of home automation technology that makes our full-time RV life more comfortable, secure and efficient!

Ars Technica: Smart Home Nirvana

Ars Technica: Smart Home Nirvana

2 years agoAs Featured In

Our home automation system was recently featured by Ars Technica in their article about achieving smart home nirvana without a subscription.

Wyze Cam Outdoor Review

The weatherproof, battery-operated Wyze Cam Outdoor can be an inexpensive, easily-installed and effective security addition for your RV.

Securing Home Assistant with a Web Application Firewall (WAF)

If you expose Home Assistant to the internet, it's your responsibility to keep it secure. Here's how I implemented a Web Application Firewall to help improve security.

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