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Wheelie Big F-150 Upgrades

This week we've been pampering our Ford F-150 and treating it to some upgrades in honor of reaching a big milestone - 100,000 miles of adventures!

Rough Country Tow Hooks

Rough Country Tow Hooks

8 months agoTruck

We replaced the OEM tow hooks on our Ford F-150 with the Rough Country tow hook shackle mount and D-rings to improve our recovery capabilities.

Microgard 4107HP Cabin Air Filter

We replaced our Ford F-150's cabin air filter with the Microgard 4107HP HEPA filter with activated carbon for removing odors, gases and other pollutants.

EEZTire TPMS GoPro Mounting Mod

This quick and easy mod lets us mount our Tire Pressure Monitoring System using a GoPro mount on our dash - much better than the windshield mount it came with!

13 Must Have RV Accessories

Feeling overwhelmed with all the things you think you need to buy before your first camping trip? We boil it down to the absolute bare essential RV accessories that you'll need.

Wyze Cam Outdoor Review

The weatherproof, battery-operated Wyze Cam Outdoor can be an inexpensive, easily-installed and effective security addition for your RV.

Replacing our RV Roof

Replacing our RV Roof

2 years agoOutdoors RV

After discovering mold in our RV roof, we had the entire roof replaced. We learned what caused the mold and made some modifications to help stop it happening again.

RV Remodel Update

RV Remodel Update

2 years agoMod

Last summer, we undertook a massive remodel on our Outdoors RV travel trailer. Six months and more than 4,000 miles later, we take a look at what worked and what didn't.

5 Tips for Winter RVing

5 Tips for Winter RVing

2 years agoWinter RVing

Winter RVing can be amazing IF you can handle the cold! Here are our top tips to stay warm and cozy in your RV, even during the coldest winter weather!

NoFreezeWaterHose Fresh & Waste Hose Installation

If you're looking for the ultimate heated hoses for winter camping in your RV, then look no further - we've installed and reviewed the NoFreezeWaterHose fresh water and waste hoses.

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