Learning to make handmade pasta in Rome

When in Rome, do as the Romans do - so yesterday we took a cooking class with Emanuele Faini to learn how to make perfect handmade pasta at home.

Winter plans 2022

Winter plans 2022

3 months agoNews

After a hectic year bringing in utilities and developing our site, we're ready for a break. This year we've set our sights a little further afield!

The Maple Syrup Experiment

The Maple Syrup Experiment

10 months agoAdventures

We tried making maple syrup from scratch for the first time by tapping our own trees and boiling the sap on a campfire - it was a delicious success!

Thanksgiving 2021

Thanksgiving 2021

1 year agoInstant Pot

With so much to do before we leave Vermont for winter, will we get everything done in time? It's been busy, but we decided to relax this Thanksgiving.

Storing 100TB in an RV

Storing 100TB in an RV

1 year agoBehind the Scenes

This week we picked up another 14TB Easystore drive in the sales, bringing our total to over 100TB of data storage in the RV - here's how we do it!

Becoming Vermonters

Becoming Vermonters

1 year agoNews

We've completed our move to Vermont, bought a new vehicle, cut more firewood than we know what to do with, and received a very exciting delivery!

Self-Hosted Podcast: Adventurous Build (Episode 53)

This week I was invited to join Self-Hosted show hosts Chris Fisher and Alex Kretzschmar to talk about my experience with self-hosting  in the RV.

3 Year Nomadiversary

It's been 3 years since we moved out of our 4-bedroom home and into our 180 sq ft RV. As we celebrate our nomadiversary, we're also reflecting on the last year.

Clearing Trees with our new Tractor

This week we picked up our brand new Kubota tractor and set to work immediately to clear some fallen trees on our property.

Game of Logging: Chainsaw Training

This week I attended a Game of Logging training course by Northeast Woodland Training to learn the basics of safe chainsaw operation and tree felling.

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Exploring Rome with Rick Steves' Audio Guide

We downloaded Rick Steves' Audio Europe travel app and enjoyed a fantastic, free walking tour around the heart of Rome.

Water, water everywhere, nor any drop to drink

It's been just under two weeks since we arrived at our Airbnb in Rome - time is flying fast! But not everything has been plain sailing this week.

Remote RV monitoring & camera system

We built a DIY monitoring system using Wyze cameras, cellular modem, Raspberry Pi and Home Assistant to keep an eye on our RV this winter.